Erin Rohner

Hey there! I’m Erin Rohner, your go-to gal for all things OpEx. Fun fact, I was born in Germany, but don’t expect me to break out any German phrases; I haven’t been back since I was a baby! Nevertheless, I bring a flair to the table, mixing it up with my knack for operational wizardry.

A Marketing Maven:

By day, I’m on a mission to help digital marketing agencies crush it with streamlined operations and killer customer experiences. But when the clock strikes “me time,” you’ll find me kicking back on the ranch with my animal posse, or diving into a good book faster than you can say “page-turner.”

Oh, did I mention my side hustle? I’m currently hustling my way through an MBA, all in pursuit of my dream gig as the COO at BLOOM Agency. So buckle up, because with me on board, we’re not just going places, we’re making waves.