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E-book: 25 Mistakes Digital Agencies Make When Outsourcing And How to Fix Them

The following are 25 Mistakes that Digital Agencies make when outsourcing and the corresponding solutions are from the REAL WORLD.

I am not some random person who only got to 10 clients and 3 staff and then decided to “teach” because running the business was too hard. I now have over 100 team members and we’ve managed over 30,000 client projects both in my own agency (which I sold) and with BLOOM. 

So sit back, buckle up, and prepare to have your mind blown! 

E-book: How to Hire Rockstar Employees For Half the Price

Do you have…

  • – A successful agency, but know you can’t scale without the right team
  • – Trouble finding, acquiring, and retaining top talent
  • – A dislike of hiring and feel like you suck at it
  • – The burning desire to break the status quo
Then this free E-book we made it’s just for you! After going through the hiring process over 100 times while expanding our team, we have found the right way to hire the best employees for your digital agency. 


How to Run Highly-Effective Company Meetings That Always Get Results

You probably didn’t start out your agency life managing a bunch of people, but over time your business grew and now you probably have a handful of team members that you’re working with.

Did you know that most digital agency owners are not running effective agency meetings? Learn how to turn the tide on this Training with Chris Martinez!

How to improve client retention so you can make what you deserve in your digital agency

Do you know how many of your clients are leaving you every month?

If you want to solve your client retention problems and double your profitability then watch this Live Training on “How to Improve Client Retention So You Can Make What You Deserve in Your Digital Agency”.

E-book: 37 Things you Can Outsource to BLOOM

Download our free ebook:  37 Things You Can Outsource to BLOOM. 

After reading through this E-book you will discover: 

  • The projects to offload so you can truly  scale your agency.
  • And how your can grow your agency by $12k-$25k+/mo with BLOOM.