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Hey there, Chris here and thanks so much for downloading our free report.

Before you go I want to share with you the #1 secret to outsourcing successfully.

Now before I share that with you I want to briefly tell you my story because it’s probably very similar to your own – especially if you’re running an agency and struggling with keeping up with the workload / production needs.

You see just a few short years ago I was running a digital agency just like you and I was working insane hours and definitely not making the kind of money that I deserved.

I would sell and sell and sell, but for some reason I couldn’t figure out why there was never any profit left over at the end of the month.

But I’d keep hearing all these success stories about other people who were doing multiple 7-figures in revenue, they were making great money, and they had a thriving team that helped them run the business so I knew that there must be a better way.

Then I realized that I needed a team that worked NORMAL US BUSINESS HOURS or else I would never be able to grow. I immediately took the leap of faith and built a team in Tijuana, Mexico of all places and within a year I’d gone from 100 to over 220 clients, I was managing the entire thing with just 5 people in Mexico, and best of all I was having more fun and making more money.

Here’s what I discovered is the #1 thing you MUST do when outsourcing…

You absolutely must have real-time, daily communication with your team members during YOUR TIME ZONE.

If you do this then you’ll see a huge shift in your success when it comes to outsourcing allowing you to get more done in less time and you’ll be way more profitable. .

Now here’s what I’d like to do so I can help you even more…

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Here’s why I’m doing this for you:

First, I love running BLOOM. It’s what I wake up everyday excited to do and do best and I run what many consider a very successful company.

But there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing other agency owners flourish as a direct result of the help BLOOM gives them.

So if you’re looking to grow to multiple 7-figures with more than 30% Net Profit AND you earning a multiple 7-figure salary with your agency then go ahead and click the button to set up your FREE call.

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