Chris Martinez

CEO and founder of BLOOM Agency

Overcoming adversity and beating the odds are two things that have helped Chris Martinez to become a leader in entrepreneurship.  This CEO and Founder of has grown his company from zero to millions of dollars in revenue and his passion for helping the underdog has garnered him recognition with a Stevie Award in 2021 for Minority-Owned Business of the Year and a Silver Medal for Most Innovative Company Under 100 Employees.

Today, Chris overseas operations in both the United States and Mexico, while also hosting a popular marketing and entrepreneurship podcast called Operation Agency Freedom. He has spoken on numerous stages and continues to give back to the community. 

He is the author of 3 books and his first book “It’s Not JUST A Website” was read by thousands of people and was a 6-Time Amazon Bestseller.

Among all his accomplishments, Chris Martinez will always say that the mentorship program he belonged to, Walk With Sally, was by far his greatest achievement.

After losing his father to pancreatic cancer in 2007 just 3 days before his 27th birthday, Chris encountered many dark years.  With the help of friends and counseling, he was able to turn his life back around and in 2012 decided to become a mentor to Patrick whose mother had been battling breast cancer for 4 years.

Unfortunately, Patrick’s mother died just 6 months later, but Chris kept his promise to always look after Patrick and his sister.  Years later, Patrick was the Best Man in Chris’s wedding and they are still best friends to this day.

For years, Chris Martinez has inspired audiences with his real life stories of growing up and surviving immense adversity. As a speaker, Chris Martinez’ personal story of grit and fighting to survive helped him connect with audiences of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, pc and mac users.

Born to a Chinese mother and a Mexican father, he was constantly asked “What are you?” like he was some alien.  But over time he realized that what were challenges as a kid actually gave him strength to overcome adversity as an adult.

Today, when Chris isn’t working to help Marketing Agencies to scale, you can find him playing soccer, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, travelling with his wife, or hanging out with his dogs.