Our Guest: Casey Carroll, CEO at Action Advertising Agency

In this speak-to-the-truth episode, we talk with Casey Carroll about the power of persistence, adaptability, and NOT commotodizing your product or service in a world that is growing more automated by the day. Casey shares his struggles (and victories) in moving to the US mainland from Hawaii, finding the right business, and working with the right client. He also shares the key insight he has learned about lead generation and advertising tools that you don;t want to miss.

You also don’t want to miss the “luchador mask” discussion in the first few seconds of the episode or the powerful insight about the “bigger picture” in marketing at the end.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: Growing up in half-Asian and the culture shock of moving to the mainland from Hawaii
  • How Casey leveraged talent, business failure, and opportunity to get to where he is today
  • The key problem agency clients when getting leads
  • Why “giving leads” to your agency clients isn’t enough to make them successful
  • The commoditization of Facebook advertising
  • Helping your clients to see the bigger picture when trying to convert leads

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:41] Roundtable Discussion: The unique experiences & challenges of growing up half-Asian in Hawaii, stereotypes, and the 23 and Me event that led to Casey finding a half-brother
  • [14:00] The origin story that led to Casey’s Action Advertising Agency
  • [14:55] Learning sales during the Great Recession
  • [15:41] The pivotal moment when Casey decided to stop playing “entrepreneur”
  • [18:52] The moment when Casey began to turn this “entrepreneurial thing” around
  • [21:19 Casey explains why the “leads” aren’t usually the problem
  • [26:15] The problem with commotodizing your business
  • [28:00] Casey breaks down how a business needs to think in order to get better leads and make more money from those leads

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Island time is a very real thing.”
  • “I started working for the corporate man right when the Great Recession hit.”
  • “I knew in my DNA that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.”
  • “I followed my dreams..I did what no one else felt comfortable doing and what happens…I’m $40,00 in debt and in retail sales..”
  • “Leads really don’t solve most of an agency’s problems.”
  • “Most of the time there are a lot of problems that crop when you give leads to a customer”
  • “You could spend all day long trying to create the cheapest leads known to man, but if you’re broken with your sales process….”

Resources Mentioned

National Collegiate Sales Competition

About Our Guest

Casey Carroll began in entrepreneurship in high school, eventually launching 16 businesses. He didn’t land a successful business until he took ownership of his life and gained a deeper awareness about the purpose of sales. He is the founder of Action Advertising Agency

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