Our Guest: Dave Woodward, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Partner at ClickFunnels

Joining Chris in this episode is Dave Woodward who will share his journey from been in an agency to working in a software company and about his life as an adrenaline junkie. Dave will also share his role as the Chief Revenue Officer at ClickFunnels and about his thoughts on the book “Traffic Secrets”.

Conservation Highlights:

  • The things that give Dave an adrenaline rush
  • The transition from an agency to working in a software company
  • Role as the CRO at ClickFunnels
  • How the pandemic affected the ClickFunnels
  • “Traffic Secrets”

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01.21] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Dave talks about the things that give him an adrenaline rush.
  • [02.23] – “Roundtable Discussion”: “What would you say that your top three memories you’ve been able to experience with your kids?”
  • [04.45] – “Roundtable Discussion”: “What’s the 2nd and 3rd most memorable experience you’ve got?”
  • [07.32] – Dave shares with the audience how he ended up making the transition from an agency to working in a software company.
  • [09.36] – “Were you a user of ClickFunnels prior to jumping on board and joining the team?”
  • [09.51] – Dave shares with the audience the steepest learning curves he gained, going from running an agency to now being in a software business.
  • [12.15] – Dave talks about his role as the Chief Revenue Officer / CRO at the ClickFunnels.
  • [13.32] – Both Dave and Chris share their thoughts on the effect of the pandemic on business.
  • [17.47] – “What’s kinda like the breakdown between actual small business owners versus marketing agencies, ad agencies, what’s like the segmentation of your clients?”
  • [19.00] – Dave shares a glimpse into the big wins they’ve had on the marketing side.
  • [22.27] – “What’s success for your clients within the first 100 days?”
  • [26.45] – “Traffic Secrets”
  • [28.31] – “What do these books end up translating in terms of revenue for ClickFunnels?”
  • [31.37] – Best ways to get in contact with Dave Woodward.

Marketing Magic Quotes from our Guest:

  • “I think the part that really helped us grow is the fact our customers actually became some of our very first support people.”
  • “Profitability is probably the biggest things we are looking at.”
  • “We have to be profitable as well as grow revenue.”
  • “I think what a lot of people are realizing is that the easiest way that we are gonna be able to succeed in this environment is by moving our business more online.”
  • “It’s hard to identify what a person’s real business is.”
  • “If we get people to consume a product their likelihood of sticking and staying is much greater.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest:

Dave Woodward is an adrenaline junkie who would get an adrenaline rush over anything that’s fun, exciting and challenging. Having a transition from the world of agency to the world of software business, Dave Woodward as he stands today is the Chief Revenue Officer and Partner at the ClickFunnels.

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