Our Guest: Mike Rhodes, CEO Web Savvy

Reading opens our minds to causes us to think big. Meet Mike Rhodes; he is the CEO of Web Savvy. He is a digital agency owner. He tells us how reading triggered him to start his business and enhanced his leadership style.

If you are a digital agency owner wondering how best you can grow your agency, this episode is for you. Mike will be sharing with us; he grew his agency and his style of leadership that makes it easy for him to work with his team.

Listen in, learn, and get inspired.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable Discussion: Mike’s love for mountain biking
  • How did Mike get into digital marketing
  • Mike’s first business
  • How Mike started Web Savvy
  • Managing a team
  • What makes hiring easy for Mike?
  • What makes Web Savvy stand out in the saturated market?
  • Would Web Savvy survive without Facebook and Google?
  • Mike’s TNC topic

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [02:47] Roundtable Discussion: How Mike started Mountain biking
  • [04:15] Roundtable Discussion: What does mountain biking do for Mike?
  • [09:27] How Mike got into digital marketing
  • [10:41] Mike’s first business
  • [11:15] The birth of Web Savvy
  • [13:52] How Mike’s company has evolved over 15 years
  • [16:15] Mike’s hiring process
  • [23:24] What makes Web Savvy standout in the crowded market?
  • [26:25] Would Web Savvy survive without Facebook and Google?
  • [29:50] Mike’s TNC topic

Magical Quotes from the Episode

  • “Your integrity is you say yes to it, knowing that you’ll figure it out, and you’ll do whatever it needs to figure out that.”
  • “A lot of times because we’re focused on the end results, and we skip over the basics.”
  • “We just love helping clients grow.”

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About our Guest, Mike Rhodes

Mike had always dreamed of being a helicopter pilot until he saw the hours needed to actually fly. So he turned to business, but he never kept his eyes off the horizon. When Mike found out about Google Ads in the early 2000s, he knew this was the answer to what businesses were crying out for. He dove in deep, mastered paid search, and started WebSavvy.

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