Our Guest: Oli Billson, CEO & Founder of NextLevelBusiness.com

In this episode, Oli Billson shares insight into how and when he built a strategic system in order to grow and scale his agency’s revenue. He explains how he reached $300k-$500k of monthly recurring revenue in 18 months and divulges his secrets to billing clients properly in order to maximize profits. Oli shares many valuable pieces of advice for agency owners that are looking to grow and scale efficiently, noting lessons he’s learned from his journey as an entrepreneur.

Conversation Highlights

  • Oli’s candid thoughts on social media
  • How to overcome common obstacles and challenges in scaling an agency
  • 3 factors that kept his business from growing
  • Billing/Invoicing in terms of effort compared to time
  • How Oli would do business differently if he could go back in time

Key Podcast Moments

  • [2:55] Roundtable Discussion: Why Oli doesn’t use social media
  • [7:58] How Oli achieved $300k of monthly recurring revenue in 18 months
  • [11:06] What was the first thing you started to offer in order to grow the agency?
  • [13:40] The biggest obstacle to growing and scaling an agency
  • [15:14] 3 things that negatively impacted his agency’s growth
  • [16:42] Effort vs Time: Time is a poor measurement + Why you shouldn’t use time for billing
  • [23:31] How many clients did you have when you hit $300k/month?
  • [24:46] When did you build this strategic system?
  • [28:31] Reducing churn rates on subscription businesses
  • [30:05] What would you do differently?
  • [32:36] How to connect with Oli + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “I’m a big fan of what I call ‘businesses inside of businesses’. So, leveraging existing knowledge, know-how, systems, expertise, people that you’ve already got… and building a bolton ancillary income to what you already do.”
  • “I had the rule of five, so every single time we had five new clients, we would double our price.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Oli Billson is the CEO & Founder of NextLevelBusiness.com. After successfully starting, growing and scaling five of his own businesses, Oli is now focused on helping fellow entrepreneurs win at business and succeed in life through his programs at NextLevelBusiness.com.

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