Our Guest: Steve Adams, Co-Founder of Squid Pixels

In this episode, we start off this podcast with…hold it …SALES!

Also in this episode… Steve Adams shared how his job at the infamous Cutco Knives (a job he actually made some decent money at), how his graphic design agency grew from a publishing company (and help from his wife, who was a freelancer), why location matters even in remote work, and why sticking to your agency’s values is key to building your brand

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: How Steve “cut’ his sales teeth at an unexpected place, Cutco Knives
  • The origin story of Squid Pixels and how it relates to Design Pickle
  • Improving communication between agency, client, and worker
  • Setting your agency apart: Why Squid Pixels only hires American for outsourcing
  • Why the proximity of your workers matters…even if they work by computer
  • The importance of connecting with workers in the real world
  • Why feedback is CRUCIAL to working with ANY human
  • The importance of keeping the right vibe when working with creatives
  • How to use location as a unique marketing proposition
  • The challenge and promise of sticking to your agency’s core values

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:51] Roundtable Discussion: Sales & Costco Knives
  • [7:24] Biggest sales tip from Costco Knives experience
  • [11:00] Squid Pixels origin story and magic skills
  • [16:20] How do you differentiate Squid Pixels from other graphic design agencies?
  • [20:00] The importance of “bridging the gap” in agency-client communication
  • [21:11] Why does Squid Pixels only outsource to other Americans

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “I went to the interview with a shirt that was too big for me and a tie…”
  • “I sold $50,000 of Costco…”
  • “If you do what you’re supposed to do, magical stuff happens.”
  • “The vibe is the energy…especially when working with creatives.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Steve Adams started outselling CostCo Knives while in high school and college, growing to the level of Silver Cup Champion with Cutco Knives (He raised over $700,000 in revenue), a former publisher and sales director. After realizing a problem that creative freelancers and agency had, he pivoted to creating Squid Pixels.

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