Welcome back to Operation Agency Freedom! Today’s episode is an insightful deep dive into the entrepreneurial journey of Brian Niebler, former owner of Roofer Marketers. I’m your host, Chris Martinez, and I’m thrilled to bring you an exclusive chat that unpacks Brian’s fascinating transition from building a successful agency to navigating new ventures post-sale.

In this latest episode, we embarked on a journey through Brian’s story, starting with his initial interest in digital marketing and how this passion led him to the world of SEO. Working for a Minnesota-based agency, Brian honed his skills and knowledge before co-founding Roofer Marketers in late 2018 with a clear vision for the roofing industry.

### The Birth of Roofer Marketers

Brian recounts the early days of launching Roofer Marketers, meeting his business partner Jim, and addressing the initial challenges common to startups. From dealing with trust issues in the digital marketing industry to focusing on transparency and genuineness, Brian shares how these tactics were integral in building lasting relationships and credibility. This segment of our discussion will resonate with anyone facing similar hurdles in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

### Focused Growth and Marketing

Pivoting to marketing strategies, Brian elaborates on their specific approach to brand building which was rooted in delivering value to clients. This eventually led to the company’s substantial growth, doubling in size by the end of 2021, and crossing the seven-figure revenue mark. He talks about the pivotal moments, including the ups and downs in their first year, and how persistence in their marketing efforts started yielding results by the second year.

### Preparing for an Exit

Brian and Jim always harbored an intention to exit their business when the time was right. By 2022, the company was approached for a potential sale by Job Nimbus, a prominent CRM in the roofing industry. Brian explains the evaluation process where factors like customer retention, contract length, and minimized risk were taken into account by the buyer. Despite initial hesitation due to profit concerns, they successfully navigated the complexities and closed the sale in April 2023.

### Life Post-Sale

In the post-sale chapter, Brian remained with the newly acquired company for about a year. This experience, described with both candor and insight, sheds light on adjusting to a larger corporate structure, dealing with metric-focused evaluation, and witnessing shifts in company culture. These reflections provide a realistic outlook on what happens after a business is sold, including dealing with employee turnover and maintaining morale.

### New Ventures and Ongoing Passion

Brian concludes with a peek into his future plans, whether starting or buying another company and potentially continuing to coach agency owners. His enduring passion for aiding others in overcoming business challenges is a testament to his character and commitment to community growth. From considering brick-and-mortar businesses to leveraging his marketing expertise for new ventures, Brian’s adaptability and vision are truly inspiring.

As we wrap up this episode, Brian shares invaluable advice on client retention and fostering a positive work culture, crucial for any thriving business. We want to extend our gratitude to Brian Niebler for sharing his experiences and insights.

### Conclusion

This episode has been a treasure trove of knowledge for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. By learning from Brian’s journey, you can glean practical tips and strategies to apply to your own business endeavors. If you enjoyed our discussion, make sure to subscribe to Operation Agency Freedom and connect with us on social media.

Discussion Points

00:00:10 – Intro
00:01:40 – Company Background
00:04:48 – Building Trust
00:07:14 – Milestones
00:11:58 – When they looked at the exit
00:13:27 – Strategic Buyers
00:16:00 – What the buyer was looking for
00:19:47 – How they moved on
00:20:31 – Learnings
00:21:37 – Future Plans
00:23:57 – Tips
00:25:07 – Outro


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