Welcome back to Operation Agency Freedom! Today, we have an insightful and game-changing episode featuring Corey Quinn as our guest. I’m Chris Martinez, your host, and I’m thrilled to dig into today’s fascinating conversation, where we unpack some of the most pressing issues facing agency founders and the vast opportunities awaiting them in the realm of AI.

Corey Quinn, with his vast experience, most notably his impactful tenure at Scorpion, shares invaluable wisdom on building a successful and scalable agency. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

**The Challenge of Saying Yes Too Often**

One of the foundational points Corey emphasizes is the prevalent issue of agency founders saying yes to too many different types of clients. This habit often leads to unnecessary stress and overwork for their team. Corey passionately argues for the importance of focusing on what agency founders truly excel at and are passionate about. This transition from a jack-of-all-trades to a specialist requires saying no more often and committing to a niche.

**Signs You’re Not Ready for Change**

Corey touches on a profound insight: if founders are struggling to commit to a niche, it often indicates they haven’t felt enough pain to drive change. This lack of readiness can hold agency owners back from the transformative process of identifying and committing to the right vertical market. The readiness to embrace change is pivotal, aligning with the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

**The Role of AI in the Agency Industry**

A colossal part of our discussion revolves around AI and its burgeoning impact on the agency industry. Corey highlights both the opportunities and challenges AI presents. Agencies have a golden opportunity to specialize in providing AI expertise for businesses that lack the in-house capacity to harness these powerful tools.

**Personalized Approaches and the Human Touch**

One of the most intriguing segments involves Corey’s innovative approach to lead generation when he was at Scorpion. By sending personalized gifts like cookies to top leads, the company built strong client relationships and achieved substantial growth. This method stands in stark contrast to traditional digital marketing and underscores the enduring value of human-to-human interactions, even in our tech-driven age.

**Technology and Human Relationships**

Despite the advancements in AI, Corey and I stress the irreplaceable value of human connections in sales and marketing. While AI tools can enhance efficiency and decision-making, the human element is crucial for building trust and authenticity in client relationships.

**Scalability and Founder-Led Sales Motion**

Corey shares his journey at Scorpion, where the agency grew from $20 million to over $100 million in revenue through innovative strategies. He learned that having a well-connected and charismatic founder isn’t the only path to success. Instead, focusing on a specialized vertical market can lead to significant growth and scalability. Post-Scorpion, Corey is dedicated to helping agency founders transition from a founder-led sales motion to a scalable, specialized approach.


In conclusion, today’s episode was a treasure trove of insights into the importance of specialization, the transformative power of AI, and the irreplaceable value of personal touch in client relationships. Corey Quinn’s journey and strategies offer a roadmap for agency founders aspiring to scale their businesses and lead with passion.

For more insights, resources, and to connect with Corey Quinn, you can visit [anyone.noteveryone.com](https://anyone.noteveryone.com). Don’t forget to check his new book “Anyone, Not Everyone: A Proven System to Escape Founder-Led Sales,” available for free on his website.

Discussion Points

00:00 – Start
01:21 – Intro
02:58 – About Corey
09:27 – Why agencies founders get stuck
11:29 – From 20 to 150 million in revenue
14:53 – The cost of getting clients
18:21 – The importance of your product
20:46 – Mistakes founders make in revenue
23:42 – The problem of having ideas that never ends
26:25 – The future of marketing industry
29:49 – AI and Marketing
32:04 – Anyone not Everyone by Corey Quinn
33:12 – Outro


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